"Dolcevita" book design & illustrations
Autor – Roman Malynovsky / Publishing – Meridian Czernowitz
 This book is a collection of 13 stories, each of which invites you to a wonderful adventure. The author's heroes are young people, who are trying to savor each moment of their lives. However, not everything is that unambiguous. The stories contain danger and pleasure, mysticism and geopolitics, signs, and symbols. 
   My task was to create a book cover, but I was so fascinated by the author's text that I offered to illustrate each of the stories separately. The idea of illustration was to create an image that would reflect the mood of the story, as the final formula of the text.  I was inspired by the art of icons and the symbolism, which they reflect, I looked into tarot cards' graphic tradition and their mysticism.
   There was one condition from the publisher - the printing of the book had to be black and white. At first, I limited myself to this palette. But my inner feelings said that there was a lack of a unifying link. So I managed to convince the publisher to add a bold and bright color to the book. Bright light green has become the unifying element in the design, that has been lacking. It symbolizes energy, youth, hooliganism, and protest.

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